Contact, Donate, How you can help…Next Level Theater Productions

Welcome to Next Level Theater Productions of which “Birth of Tiki” is the first production to be born.

“Birth of Tiki” will be premiered at Source, a non-profit interactive arts festival, on February  20th, 2010. Each  and every person involved in the show including myself buys a ticket into the  entrance of the festival in order to  support the venue and hard costs of being able to actually hold  Source at the beautiful Ymca Camp Keanae.  All  actors, body painters, and crew will be paying to be  at the festival and investing in this show with an enormous  amount of time and hard work.

“Birth of Tiki” may premiere at Source however our goal is to have it eventually travel  around the  islands and the world.

Our physical needs are: black light paints, black velour curtains, black fabric to create stagehands’ costumes, old skirts and loose paints, black light spray paint, black light poster paints, paintbrushes, any and all head gear to convert into tiki headdresses, black light fabric, extra arts and crafts supplies of any kind, styrofoam, bendable wire, wigs, black lights, large black light canon lights, a sound system, staging curtains, multi-leveled stage components, free standing stairs, tools… the list goes on.

Our human labor needs are: additional committed strong male stagehands to do character lifts during the show, costume and prop designers, personal assistant, business manager, and grant writer.

Our financial goal: is to raise at least $3000 to $5000 by February to invest in large scaled professional portable black light system, costumes, props, black light paint supplies, training costs, and construction of portable staging and  that is needed to create black light mystical theater all over the islands as well as to reduce the cast and crew’s ticket price in getting to perform at the premiere at Source.

“Birth of Tiki” is the beginning of a revolution in mystical theater in Hawaii and we need your help in order to create this and other fantastically visual eye candy for the heart and the soul.

You can click on the Donate button  in order to be linked up to paypal
or you can  mail donations payable to:

Rachel Deboer  3846 L. Honoapiilani Rd. #2 Lahaina, HI 96761

My contact number is 808 268-8651 or


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