About the Show- “Birth of Tiki”

I have written an interpretive performance art dance piece called “The Birth of Tiki” which attempts to capture the magical energetics of tiki carving as well as the divine aspects of the four major gods of Hawaiian culture through the magic of black light body painting.  I chose body painting to honor the body art traditions of Polynesia     and black light as way to represent the mystical nature of the Gods and Goddesses in the show in order to take the audience out of time, out of the present. Black light also wipes away the idea of what race the actors’ are.  Black light paint renders all humans, no matter what their ethnic background,  as archetypes or energetic essences.

The debut of this vision is set for Maui’s annual biggest interactive arts festival called Source (www.sourcemaui.com) a festival that encompasses 4 days and three nights of interactive music, theater, arts, workshops, and respect for the aina.  We are a non-profit and non-commerce based event that is working to bring greater global transformation through the positive experiences of our participants.

Tiki Crowd

Last year at Source’s “Great Expression” I produced a show called “Body Alive Maui” which was Maui’s first all body painted dance show.

This year “The Birth of Tiki” is my attempt to understand and honor the culture in which I am living and bridge the gap between people. Source’s theme this year is “Soulution” and is a large reason why I feel “The Birth of Tiki” is a perfect show to debut at this festival.

Basic plot:

Menehune concept

An Ancient Hawaiian is carving a tiki which comes alive via the prodding of a mischievious Menehune.

Each of the four major gods of Hawaiian mythology: Kane, Kanaloa, Ku, and Lono interact with the Ancient Hawaiian in different ways.  Kahaloapuna, the Rainbow Maiden, introduces a slew of female goddesses such as Pele, goddess of the volcano, and Haumea, the goddess of fertility and the Earth, after the male tiki gods have appeared. All of the dancers are painted in brilliant black light body painting.  Black light props float in the air, magical effects are created through the use of black light objects appearing and then disappearing, all the while the audience is watching a live theater show with brilliant eye candy, they can also watch amazing live video projections above the show courtesy of Doug Deboer (www.visualalchemystudios.com).

The Ancient Hawaiian goes through a spiritual journey and transformation in his interaction with these gods and eventually is brought back to stasis by his dance with Haumea which ends his vision with the Menehune leaving a last impression.

I have taken my research of these major energies and mythological presences in the Hawaiian culture and put to a visually delightful and magical vision using black light body painting as a way to transmit my love and respect for body art in the Polynesian world view.


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