Welcome to The Birth of Tiki! Our Mission Statement

Tiki Duo- all photography by Marie Welton -www.mariewelton.com

Birth of Tiki

“Birth of Tiki” is a fully black light body painted magical and mythological dance and theater show written by myself, Rachel Deboer.  It’s an interpretation of the possible relationship one Ancient Hawaiian carver or Kahuna Kalai has with the four major Akua or gods in the Hawaiian sacred mythology: Kane, Ku, Kanaloa, and Lono as well as with Pele, Haumea, and Kahaloapuna (the Rainbow Maiden)

This show is based on my extensive research from many different sources, written and personal, from the Hawaiian culture. The search for depth, spiritual meaning and cultural recovery of  ancient Hawaii’s ways, which was almost exterminated, is never-ending. “Birth of Tiki” is an attempt to recapture the energy of those ancient ways with full sacred respect and knowledge of what came before.

This show is not meant to be all inclusive of every fact, meaning or ritual that may have been lost over the ages. No piece of art can capture the past in its entirety.  I crafted this mythological interpretation with my own flair for the theatrical and unique perspective and search for spirituality in everyday life. I come to the writing of this show with extreme humbleness and openness to Hawaiian experts’ advice, information and corrections. Hawaii called to me over 8 years ago and I love her with every thread of my being.  Aloha is in my heart and soul.

I am sensitive to the fact that being a non-Hawaiian genetically may put me at a disadvantage in some people’s minds to truly being able to present a piece of sacred art back to the host culture.  I have had an influx of  positive reactions from Kahunas, teachers, Hawaiian entertainers, tiki carvers, and various other local community members.  One Hawaiian man did ask me “Who are you to do such a thing…?”

I answered, “I am a human being with the belief that all human beings are connected by energy and intention, and my intention is to extend people’s knowledge and respect for the Hawaiian culture through performance and visual arts.  My intention is good.”

I realized,  “Who am I not to…?”

I truly hope that we all grow as human beings in learning about our host culture here in Hawaii, and this show is meant as a beautiful offering to that culture.  It is a show of our respect through artistic creation and an attempt to go beyond the modern stereotypes of Hawaii and dive down deep.

This show has the potential to be a very exciting and unique addition to already existing Hawaiian style showcases but with more of a surrealistic cirque style to it as well as a truly in depth spiritual feeling to it.  My hope and dream is to, through modern day theatrical skills and the power of black light body painting, present a deeper understanding of the Hawaiian culture to not just the local community but also capture even a  glimpse or small essence of its power and beauty for the visitor to take away with them beyond what has been offered before.

We are combining the ancient mythology of Hawaiian gods with the modern visual delight of black light into a mythical and magical presentation that will world debut at Source “Soulution” 2010.

14 Responses to “Welcome to The Birth of Tiki! Our Mission Statement”


  2. Can you just go to the show?

  3. Julian bartram Says:

    This sounds amazing.

  4. I’m excited to see this performance during Source, and excited to here that there will be more to come.

    Rachel, thank you for framing so well your intentions with this performance, you have a beautiful way of writing. Much aloha and light.

    Your friend on the mainland,

  5. Hi,
    This is looking great! What type and brand of bodypaint do you use?

  6. Rachel,

    First let me say how proud I am of you. Second, you are a guiding light, an inspiration and truly visionary to put this this together. Your intentions are right on, and the waves of positivity you create will splash back with all magnified magic. i truly Wish Toby and I could be there to help bring this vision to life! If this is an on-going thing, we must make it for next year… You a boss bitch and i love your ferocious spirit. Truly Visionary and Fierce, lady! Keep on truckin, big Kahuna x

  7. Julie Duck Says:

    This is an amazing project! Source 2010 is going to blow some minds. Great work, Rachel! xxoo.

  8. Sinthia Szato Says:

    Hi Rachael, The show was fantastic and mindbendinging arty. I would love you and Juicy to take it over to Oreon. Maybe we can work on getting you booked in Portland and then you cagn go to North bend Oreon to do this performance in my sons dance Club, ClubSolar in the summer.
    Sinthia 808 2809966

  9. I love it Rachel! I hope this will catch on especially with the local community and the cultural advisors on Maui! You are a very talented person and I look forward to working with you on many more projects! Love you and Aloha..Cyndi

    • Thank you cyndi! your support means the world to me.. i am sometimes timid to present my own mana and love of Hawaii to Hawaiians and im beginning to realize that i am here in Maui for a reason and Birth of Tiki maybe that reason.

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